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The purpose of terms, conditions and privacy policy(„Privacy policy“ from here on) is to give simple andunderstandable overview of which data we process while offering ourservices, and how we use thedata. Most of the data has been provided by the user, but nevertheless, we encourage you to read allaofthe below, so you would know what to do if you do not want to provide us that information.Kauksi Beach Centre presents the opportunity to book services, products or to take part in differentactivities, such as competitions or giveaways (from here on „Services“).When you are visiting ourwebpages (, ja,from here on „Webpage“or „Website“), we collect only anonymous information that helps us provideour Services to you better.That includes, for example, analytics, which tells us what topics and servicesour Webpage visitors are moste interested in, and what do they care about less or are not interested inat all. It helps us understand, what are the general interests of our Webpage visitors, so we canintroduce our Services to those users, who would be genuinely interested in what we have to offer.On our Webpage, we use cookies (blocks of data that the web server sends to your web browser andthat is stored into your computer so that Webpage would recognize your computer), that enabledifferent Website functions and a better user experience. If you wish, you may disable using cookies inyour browser settings and block monitoring analytical data with certain browser extensions. In this case,please note that this may cause problems with the Website’s functioning, especially when you wouldlike to submit an inquiry or order.The current Privacy policy gives information about how we collect and use personal data while using theWebsite, including any information that you provide when sending an inquiry about our Services.The data processor of Kauksi Beach Centre is responsible for protecting your personal data. Whenproviding us with your data you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.


We, Kauksi Beach Centre (From here on „We“), are registered in Estonia with register number 90015270, address Rannapromenaadi, Kauksi village, Alutaguse municipality, Ida-Viru county, Estonia. We belong to Alutaguse municipality and we are managed by Alutagusemaa SA.

With any questions, comments or inquiries regarding Alutaguse Beach Centre, please send an e-mail to the address


  • Website –, ja (in all languages)
  • User – everyone who visits our Website, consumes the content provided by us or who provides information to us, for example by reading articles or by contacting us via e-mail.
  • Personal data – any data regarding the User.
  • Processing personal data/information – any activity that involves User’s personal data done by Kauksi Beach Centre or Authorized Processor. For example collecting, processing, storaging, correcting or erasing data.
  • Services – all paid or unpaid services provided by Kauksi Beach Centre.
  • Authorized Processor – Kauksi Beach Centre’s contract parnter, who processes personal data and whose product or service enables offering Kauksi Beach Centre’s services to User and fulfill lawfully required conditions and procedures.


Personal data means any information, which enables identifying a person. It does not include anonymus data.

Kauksi Beach Centre collects personal data about Users as follows:

  • User provides their information to Kauksi Beach Centre by filling our forms on the Webpage or by communicating with Kauksi Beach Centre via e-mail, phone or otherwise while sending inquiries, giving feedback or booking Services.
  • Using automatic technology – Kauksi Beach Centre may collect technical information about User’s devices and their Webpage usage patterns. That information is collected using cookies, server logs and other technological tools, such as Google Analytics. See more in section „Cookies“.

Kauksi Beach Centre may collect certain personal data about User:

  • identity – first name, surname:
  • contacts – e-mail address, phone number:
  • technical data – eg. IP address;
  • usage information – how User uses Website, producst and/or Services (for example following the Webpage traffic statistics on Google Analytics etc);
  • marketing information – User preferences for receiving marketing information from Kauksi Beach Centre.

Kauksi Beach Centre does not collect sensitive personal data about Users, such as health infomation, political and/or religious convictions.


We use User’s personal data only in the range and ways that it is permitted by law. Main purposes of using the data are:

  • fulfilling the contract (for example, forwarding invoices or reminding of unpaid invoices) between User and service provider (Kauksi Beach Centre);
  • in case of legitimate interest (for example, introducing a similar service or article to those the User has shown interest in, using Website usage statistics to improve the User experience, asking for feedback etc);
  • fulfilling lawfully required conditions and procedures (for example, serving the claims in accordance with the legal requirements of the authorities, replying to the legal requirements submitted by User, fulfilling the obligations arising from the Accounting Act, notifying about the changes in Privacy policy etc).

We only ask the User for permission to send them marketing information. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, you may change your preferences at any given moment. To do that, feel free to contact us at your convenience via e-mail or click the „unsubscribe“ link in the newsletter.


You may receive marketing information from us if you have ordered Services from us and have not informed us of your preference not to receive marketing information.

We will not send you junk mail nor will we forward your contacts to third parties in their interest of sending you their marketing information.


We use Authorized Processors and/or third-party services in our everyday activities, to improve our Services, to improve User experience and to ensure security.

Kauksi Beach Centre may use Authorized Processors and/or thir parties in the following categories:

  • service providers, who offer services related to IT and system management (e.g. server services, data cloud storaging, e-mail systems management, payment service platforms etc);
  • counsellors, e.g. lawyers, bankers, accountants;
  • Tax Board and other authorities, who may require reporting certain activities.

We demand from all third parties that they comply with data protection requirements and acting in accordance with the law. We enable third parties to process Users’ personal data only in very specific circumstances and purposes that are in accordance with the data protection law.

We will not froward User data outside the EU (except for those service providers who happen to be US enterprises, who accept the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, which enables data protection at the same level as it is ensured in the EU).


Kauksi Beach Centre uses necessary means to ensure the security of User data and validity. We restrict access to User data only to those employees and Authorized Processors, who need it to fulfill their tasks. We follow procedures on how to handle possible data leak and in cases arising from law, we will inform the persons affected by the data leak as well as the regulatory body.


Peronal data is stored as long as it is needed to fulfill their purpose, as long as it is required by law or as long as it is necessary for protecting the rights of Kauksi Beach Centre. For instance, accounting data is stored 7 years from the end of the accounting year, but e-mail addresses are stored in the newsletter list as long as the User informes Kauksi Beach Centre of their preferences not to receive the newsletter anymore, or until Kauksi Beach Centre removes the e-mail from the list themselves, should it happen 


The User has any time the right to:

  • request access to their data;
  • request correcting, complementing or when it is required by law, deleting their personal data;
  • request to restrict processing their personal data;
  • request transferring their personal data;
  • renounce the previous agreement to receive marketing information;
  • turn to Data Protection Inspectorate if the User believes that their rights have been violated while processing their personal data.

To exercise the rights listed above, the User must contact the contacts listed on the Webpage and send a written statement to that effect. In certain cases, the User may enforce the changes by themself. For instance, in the end of every newsletter, there is a link, which enables the User to remove their e-mail address from the list and to unsubscribe from receiving any future newsletters from Kauksi Beach Centre. The User can make changes and select preferred choices also in their browser settings regarding the use of cookies.


Cookies are little blokcs of data, thatthat the web server sends to your web browser and that is stored into your computer so that Webpage would recognize your computer. There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary cookies (so called session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored in your computer or mobile device as a file for a longer period of time. Session cookies are temporarily sent to your computer when you are using our Website, but they are not stored in your device and are deleted when you close the Website. Most companies use cookies on their websites to improve their functioning. Cookies cannot harm your files or increase the threat of viruses to your computer.

Us and our service providors may use the following types of cookies:

  • Only necessary cookies: these cookies are absolutely necessary to keep our Website running. For example, we sue these cookies for authentication and identification of Users, to provide them our services. Without these cookies we would not recognize you and you would not have access to our Services. These cookies also help to ensure the sercurity of our Services.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies are not strictly necessary, but enable us to make you user experience more personal. For example, they enable us to remember your preferences, so you don’t have to give us information that you have already given us, such as information that you have previously given when ordering our services. We also use these cookies to collect data about users’ activities when engaging in our services (such as webpage viewing regularity, popular pages and the amount of clicks), so we could make our Webpage and Services better and carry out market analysis. If you decide to delete these cookies, our services and/or Webpage may not be working to their full capacity for you.
  • Advertisement cookies: these cookies contain information about how have you been using our Webpage (and other pages that you have been viewing regularly as well as what ads have you clicked on), so that we could only show you ads that you are interested in, both on our and other webpages. We call them „ads based on interest“. Some of the advertisement cookies may belong to our service providers and partners.

Kauksi Beach Centre uses cookies (little text files that are stored in User’s computer or mobile device, if User has allowed it in their browser settings) directly or through third parties to provide better user experience, collect user statistics, ensure security, provide better Service quality and more effective marketing. Operating this way is common on most websites. Cookies are necessary for logging in as a user, enabling social media functions and analysing user statistics on Webpage.

Using cookies is based on legitimate interest to ensure the functioning of Webpage in a correct way, to its full capacity. Cookies used in other cases are based on User’s preferences and agreement given on the Website.

User may restrict using cookies in their browser settings or delete them, but in that case, Kauksi Beach Center cannot guarantee the correct functioning of Webpage.


Kauksi Beach Centre has a right to unilaterally chance Privacy policy by notifying Users on the Webpage, via e-mail or otherwise.

Privacy policy and cookie settings was last updated on February 2nd, 2022.


Kauksi beach is a picturesque place right by one of Europe’s biggest lakes, Lake Peipus. It is also here that you’ll find Estonia’s longest sandy beach. Breath-taking lake views, hot sand, and a pine forest offering refreshing shade on a sunny day make Kauksi an attractive resort, which is well known and much loved among locals.

In 2021, Kauksi Beach Centre, designed by KAOS architects Toomas Adrikorn and Margit Aule, was opened. A spacious L-shaped building offers views over Lake Peipus and is meant to cater for beach visitors. Sure enough, it is also a unique place to come and hide from the autumn winds. You are always welcome here!



Tasulised parkimisalad on:

Parkimistasu määr ühe mootorsõiduki parkimise eest 3 eurot päevas ja kuupilet 30 eurot. Kuupiletit saab osta Alutaguse Vallavalitsuse kontoritest.



It is possible to rent Kauksi Beach Centre for seminars and company events, as well as private parties. The building fits 50 people. A spacious room with views over Lake Peipus can be set according to your event’s needs. The building is equipped with a projector, screen, blackboard, speakers, electrical window covers and a large TV. There are also chairs and both round and square tables for four included in the room rental price. There is also a sauna on the first floor of Kauksi Beach Centre. See special offers for partners here.

In addition to the large spacious room, Kauksi Beach Centre also has private offices that can be used for working remotely and they form a scenic environment located right by Estonia’s biggest lake. There is no need to worry about an internet connection – the building is supplied with an optical cable, which ensures Kauksi Beach Centre has one of the fastest and most stable internet connections in the whole municipality.


The building is equipped with an excellent, restaurant-level kitchen and a bar. It is possible to order catering for your events. For further inquiries, please contact us.


It is possible to rent bicycles from Kauksi Beach Centre. The wide selection includes both regular bikes, as well as fatbikes with large tyres, which make it especially easy and comfortable to roam the sandy beach of Lake Peipus. For those travelling with children and wishing to explore some of the many nearby hiking trails, there are also bikes with baskets, as well as child seats and, of course, helmets. For further information regarding bicycle rent, please send an e-mail to or call +372 5264 222 or +372 5552 2732.


Kauksi Beach Centre is located in an extraordinary place. It is surrounded by pine forest with many hiking trails close by. The forest is wonderful for bike rides, walks regardless of the weather, and for picking blueberries along the way. Along the shore of Lake Peipus, on the Kauksi sand dunes and underneath the pine trees, there is a roughly one-kilometre-long boardwalk, which is enriched with seating areas and viewing platforms.

On the beach promenade, there are children’s playgrounds, two volleyball courts, a street basketball court, an outdoor gym with 16 pieces of equipment, and a sheltered picnic area, which is often used as a stage for outdoor concerts during the summertime. Therefore, it is quite easy to enjoy romantic open-air concerts and live music accompanied by lake views here. It is especially lovely during the Night of Ancient Lights or on Midsummer’s Day.

In addition, the promenade has beach chairs, benches, dressing cabins, toilets, and an outdoor shower, which are meant for everyone who is enjoying the beach fun. During the summer season, there is also a pop-up café on the terrace of Kauksi Beach Centre.

The construction of Kauksi Beach Centre and the beach promenade was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.