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SA Alutagusemaa parkimiskord

(Kehtib alates 08.05.2023)

Parkimiskorraldaja on SA Alutagusemaa, parkimisoperaator on EUROPARK.

Tasulise parkimise alad on alljärgnevates eraparklates:

  1. Alajõe külas asuvad:
    1. Külaplatsi kinnistu (katastritunnus:12201:001:1006);
    1. Jõekalda kinnistul (katastritunnus 12201:001:1015) asuv parkimisala
  2. Kauksi külas asuvad:
    1. Ojataguse parkla kinnistu (katastritunnus 22401:001:0614);
    1. Kauksi parkla kinnistu (katastritunnus 22401:004:0709);
    1. Kauksi-Kuru teel (katastritunnus 22401:004:0207) asuvad parkimisalad
  3. Vasknarva külas asuvad:
    1. Kaluri kinnistu (katastritunnus 12201:002:0648);
    1. Paadi kinnistu (katastrinumber 12201:001:1131);
    1. Paadisadama kinnistu (katastritunnus: 12201:002:0456);
    1. Külaväljaku kinnistu (12201:002:0687);
    1. Vaatetorni kinnistu 12201:002:0262).

Tasulise parkimise korraldus eraparklates:

  1. Parklad on aastaringselt  (01.01.-31.12) tasulised. Parkimistingimused on näidatud infotahvlil parklatesse sissesõidul ja täiendavalt ka parkimisala ees.
  2. Parkimistasu määr on 3 eurot päevas ühe mootorsõiduki parkimise eest. Kuupilet 30 eurot.
    1. Kuupiletit saab osta SA Alutagusemaa kontorist Kauksi Rannahoones aadressil: Rannapromenaadi Kauksi küla, Alutaguse vald.
  3. Parkimistasu on võimalik tasuda parkimisautomaatides sularahas ja kaardimaksena perioodil 01.juuni – 31.august, mobiilne parkimine ning parkimine parkimis-äppiga toimub aastaringselt.
  4. Alustades parkimist parkimisalal, loetakse parkimistingimused sõiduki juhi poolt aktsepteerituks ning parklakoha kasutamise leping sõiduki juhi ja parklaoperaatori vahel sõlmituks.
  • Parkimistasu maksmist ja parkimise õigust tõendab:
    • kehtiv parkimispilet;
    • parkimisluba;
    • puudega inimese sõiduki parkimiskaart;
    • alarm- ja jälitussõidukikaart;
    • Alutaguse valla kodanikukaart.
  • Parkimise õigust tõendav dokument peab olema paigaldatud mootorsõiduki esiklaasile või armatuurlauale nii, et väljastpoolt mootorsõidukit oleks võimalik tuvastada tasutud parkimisaega või dokumendi kehtivust. Parkimispilet tuleb sõidukijuhil alles hoida tasulisest parkimisalast lahkumiseni.
  • SA Alutagusemaa võib põhjendatud taotluse alusel parkimistasust vabastada:
    • isiku, kes teenindab Kauksi, Alajõe ja Vasknarva supelranda;
    • isiku, kes organiseerib tasulist parkimist või vahetult osutab turvateenust või rannavalveteenust;
    • muudel juhtudel lähtudes avalikest huvidest.
  • Parkimistasust on vabastatud:
    • liikumispuudega juht või pimedat inimest teenindava sõiduki juht liiklusseaduses sätestatud parkimiskaardi olemasolul;
    • alarmsõiduki juht;
    • Alutaguse valla elanik, kes omab Alutaguse valla kehtivat kodaniku kaarti, mis peab olema asetatud sõidukis nähtavale kohale.
  • Parklates teostavad kontrolli parkimiskorraldajad.
  • Parkimislepingu rikkumise korral on leppetrahvi määr 60 eurot. Rikkumise jätkudes võib vähemalt 24 tunni möödudes eelmisest leppetrahvinõudest esitada uue leppetrahvinõude. Leppetrahvi tasumine ei asenda parkimistasu maksmist.
  • Väljastatud leppetrahvi kohta on sõiduki juhil võimalus 7 päeva jooksul alates leppetrahvi määramisest esitada põhjendatud pretensioon/vaie EuroPark OÜ-le.

Kauksi parkimisala

Vasknarva parkimisala

Alajõe parkimisala


Kauksi beach is a picturesque place right by one of Europe’s biggest lakes, Lake Peipus. It is also here that you’ll find Estonia’s longest sandy beach. Breath-taking lake views, hot sand, and a pine forest offering refreshing shade on a sunny day make Kauksi an attractive resort, which is well known and much loved among locals.

In 2021, Kauksi Beach Centre, designed by KAOS architects Toomas Adrikorn and Margit Aule, was opened. A spacious L-shaped building offers views over Lake Peipus and is meant to cater for beach visitors. Sure enough, it is also a unique place to come and hide from the autumn winds. You are always welcome here!



Tasulised parkimisalad on:

Parkimistasu määr ühe mootorsõiduki parkimise eest 3 eurot päevas ja kuupilet 30 eurot. Kuupiletit saab osta Alutaguse Vallavalitsuse kontoritest.



It is possible to rent Kauksi Beach Centre for seminars and company events, as well as private parties. The building fits 50 people. A spacious room with views over Lake Peipus can be set according to your event’s needs. The building is equipped with a projector, screen, blackboard, speakers, electrical window covers and a large TV. There are also chairs and both round and square tables for four included in the room rental price. There is also a sauna on the first floor of Kauksi Beach Centre. See special offers for partners here.

In addition to the large spacious room, Kauksi Beach Centre also has private offices that can be used for working remotely and they form a scenic environment located right by Estonia’s biggest lake. There is no need to worry about an internet connection – the building is supplied with an optical cable, which ensures Kauksi Beach Centre has one of the fastest and most stable internet connections in the whole municipality.


The building is equipped with an excellent, restaurant-level kitchen and a bar. It is possible to order catering for your events. For further inquiries, please contact us.


It is possible to rent bicycles from Kauksi Beach Centre. The wide selection includes both regular bikes, as well as fatbikes with large tyres, which make it especially easy and comfortable to roam the sandy beach of Lake Peipus. For those travelling with children and wishing to explore some of the many nearby hiking trails, there are also bikes with baskets, as well as child seats and, of course, helmets. For further information regarding bicycle rent, please send an e-mail to or call +372 5264 222 or +372 5552 2732.


Kauksi Beach Centre is located in an extraordinary place. It is surrounded by pine forest with many hiking trails close by. The forest is wonderful for bike rides, walks regardless of the weather, and for picking blueberries along the way. Along the shore of Lake Peipus, on the Kauksi sand dunes and underneath the pine trees, there is a roughly one-kilometre-long boardwalk, which is enriched with seating areas and viewing platforms.

On the beach promenade, there are children’s playgrounds, two volleyball courts, a street basketball court, an outdoor gym with 16 pieces of equipment, and a sheltered picnic area, which is often used as a stage for outdoor concerts during the summertime. Therefore, it is quite easy to enjoy romantic open-air concerts and live music accompanied by lake views here. It is especially lovely during the Night of Ancient Lights or on Midsummer’s Day.

In addition, the promenade has beach chairs, benches, dressing cabins, toilets, and an outdoor shower, which are meant for everyone who is enjoying the beach fun. During the summer season, there is also a pop-up café on the terrace of Kauksi Beach Centre.

The construction of Kauksi Beach Centre and the beach promenade was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.